Rent an apartment in HCMC Vietnam

Rent an apartment in HCMC Vietnam

Besides offering you service for renting the apartment in HCMC, we also manage some building. So we can do short – term apartment for rent (holiday apartment/vacation serviced apartment). We offer at least 2 nights rental. Price start from $25 per night. In spite of that, you can also rent long – term apartment in HCMC and only need to leave a deposit lower than that of other buildings (about 80% rental money for a month or not to leave a deposit). Apart from renting apartments, we also provide visa services for those who need help and we write tips for expats living here. So you will not get cheating when facing some problems in Vietnam. Special, VIS have few scooters for rent. You only need become VIS’ Customers and can rent motorbike easily (we not asking for passport or deposit – just pay and get the bike you want). VIS always hope that your life will be easier here because you have us beside.

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Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City in the district 7. This nice apartment in HCMC has a modern living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, balcony. The apartment is designed, decorated luxuriously and tastefully with high-quality furniture. Rental for foreigners or for expatriates.
This one is a bit difficult and, as mentioned above, you could also very easily just invest in a Vietnamese chum. But the idea of using the local language is that you can then access the local real estate market

What kind of facilities will I prioritize? From experience, I will always prioritize a private bathroom and fast, reliable Wi-Fi. Other friends need air conditioning, a TV, a fridge, etc… It all depends on your lifestyle

I bet you know this one, but I’m going to put it on this list anyway because let’s face it – it’s a top tip. If you can commit to a long-term contract then it is often a super good way to save money! As mentioned above, landlords often offer 12 months, 6 months and 3-month options and the longer you plan to stay the less you have to pay. Simple

So I’m here in Saigon for a month and moved in a cool little apartment in the heart of the city center. District one of Ho Chi Minh City is known as Saigon and is surprisingly similar to living in Manhattan only for 1/10th of the cost. There are tons of cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and everything you could want from a big city. Best of all, everything is within walking distance or a cheap, easy cab ride away

Now, I am not stupid. I did not give this man my full name or any contact details other than a phone number, and I did not intend on visiting the room alone with him – I would bring a friend. Safety first guys.

Rent without furniture – Sounds scary but it is totally feasible. Actually, a lot of my Vietnamese friends do this, and in my last room, I did it too. You rent a bare room, and then you buy a mattress and some coat-hangers. The rent is lower and your mattress will cost you a one-time fee of up to VND 1,000,000. Mine was VND 110,000, but it’s a very poor excuse for a mattress. I also purchased a stove and a rice-cooker! It’s like camping but in a room.

Sometimes, you are more likely face different kinds of problems with the landlords as there are always language barriers. By selecting the right agent and the right property, you can enjoy a trouble-free life. At VIETNAMHOUSE, we have a large database of properties to match clients with different requirements.
Have you ever wandered around Ho Chi Minh City and looked at the walls? I mean the walls of houses, telegraph poles, things like that. Have you? I would recommend it anyway because some of those walls are pretty darn interesting, but apart from anything else they often have signed on them with rooms to rent.

Renting in Ho Chi Minh City is like leaping into a jungle. The possibilities are almost endless, but unless you know exactly what you’re looking for and how to find it, chances are you’ll never get past those first, very obvious obstacles.

Maybe you wouldn’t believe me. Right? You’re shaking your head right now. But with my 3 million per month accommodation slap bang in the center of District 1, complete with private bathroom, TV, air conditioner, fridge and a nice big window, I am living proof that my claim is absolutely legitimate. The question is, how?

Do I need light? If my room didn’t have two windows I would feel like a clam, stuck inside my shell all day. Are you a light person? If so, rent a lightroom because believe me this will bug you endlessly.

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