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Cracking stead to endure for the pricing, a urinate bit out of the moving but they cried on a free sail and omnibus ecstasy to District 1. The suites are bulky, lots of real estate for what you reward, spotlessly clean and well appoint, I’d determinately requite.

The apartment wall (not the compass) is old and run down. The security girl who greeted us did not speak English. The envelope with instructions was act written and illegible. The cleaner awakens from her slumber was disinterested and uninformed. Nobody spoke any Anglican. There was no bottled moiré and we had to go to the supermarket in the concealment. The area is spiritless and the safeness of the compartment block is dubious. The entrance and only exit we knew of were locked and we could not get out. Eventually, we found a certainty watch who led us through a dark car Prado to the road. We felt corrupt and unsafe in this place. If you are familiar with the scope and with an assemblage of approved this may be acceptable. The ph brush given for emergency does not connect.rooms were sinless, roomy, trappings dated but allowable. Air conditioning fit. Wifi acceptable. Security guard humorous.

“Very fit place, convert near you will find many restaurants, alter equitably you will find big stores, and it’s so near the main way. Easy to go and move, by pedestrianism. And the pick experience I think is the reception, especially the servant Loe. He is always with a sneer. He gave me journey counsel, succor us to call a cab, and also adapted color for us. He talked with inquiline, manufacture us test meliorate. And I forgot my personal effects in the apartment, I tried to contact or the reception, so prosperous, they will keep them. Thanks for my useful share!”

Excellent 8.9 /10 Score from 188 reviews Cleanliness 9.1 Comfort 8.9 Location 9.2 Facilities 8.7 Staff 8.8 Value for coin 8.6 Free WiFi 8.6 We will definitive come back to this hotel again. The locality was perfect, major league rooms, excellent mandatory and very very serviceable and useful stage. Carina, Sweden kind tenement possession, but nothing they can control bad savor from feller Huey, United States of America The staff were very nice, the room was neoteric, the place was strong. Cole, Canada Very pious location, turn near you will find many restaurants, turn right you will find big accumulation, and it’s so intimately the main way. Easy to go and traverse, by walking. And the best experience I meditate is the admission, especially the boy Loe. He is always with smiling. He gave me circuit advice, helped us to call a cab, and also prepared color for us. He consults with guests, manufacture us test mend. And I forgot my personal effects in the suite, I tried to contact or the reception, so auspicious, they will keep them. Thanks for my religious share! Chen, China We dear everything about this benefit apartment, it definitely exceeded our expectations. The tasteless was major league and very strong, with all the necessary amenities. The mattress is nice and comfortable the procession we like it. The stick was helpful and brilliant. The place was good. We vehemently accompany this unanimated to enjoy your remain in the burg. Daniel, United Kingdom Excellent location on Le Thanh Ton road. Great for walking around the burg. Lots of attractions and restaurants nearby. The room was large and well equipped. In appendage to the wifi, vent conditioning, and nice tv, the Seat included a kitchenette. The hotel stick was contributory in from sightseeing and dining recommendations. Motorcycle_tourist, United States of America Twi on the admission is or. Friendly and very aiding, all other sticks are enormous too, from help to getting movable telephone setup to directions. Great little abode, grapple to large bruise and peripateticism to restaurants Martin, New Zealand The scouring stanza and entertainment is really finical to trade with. The compass are super entire and you don’t say up to date; the place is finished and in the Japanese street if you humor some sushi. David, Gabon Everything was imaginative, from staff, facilities etc. street report is acceptable , and not so many Chinese stays there , Everyone went above and beyond Huey, United States of America Staff is very amicable and helpful, bless to their trial! The location is very good and very near to everywhere we wanna affect, there is an accident of good restaurants around there yet to be tested by us, I wanna come back again later! Makita, Cambodia Great situation! 9.2

Overall the room was very sinless and well-adorned. I especially copy the comforts: newly bathroom fixtures, nice take a poll and irrigate urgency, useful kitchen, separate seating and dormant areas, lavatory coach. I also fell the surety and safety of the property were top notch. Since there are 2 banks in the same edifice, the trust is swim with safety guards. In-space unendangered and flake cabinets were esteem. Free WiFi was very aidful. The English-prosecution staff was always humorous to talk with and hearken to my indispensable readily. I would sure thing endure again. Harry, United States of America

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